Web development

Personal Website Migration and Update

A well deserved update for my website, designed and implemented in a day, including a migration from a free hosting service to an AWS EC2 instance

It's really basic and completely static, but performance and simplicity were the goals and aside from some minor improvements i'm pretty happy with the results.

Language development


Work continues on simplify and clean the project, I have some ideas for features like namespaces that would be cool to have, but right now the goal is to provide proper support for x64.

Panda Smalltalk

Language Development

Experiments with modified smalltalk's haven't stopped yet, and this time was the Panda's turn. Now that we have a better organized code (not perfect by any means), I can start prototyping a kernel and figure out the bootstrap process.

JIT hacking


After many hours of tinkering with the VM it finally builds, it still does nothing and crashes just after startup, but now we have something to work with. The next step would be to create a new image and add compatibility with X11 but still a long way to go.

Open Source

Syntax for Micro Editor

Created Pull Requests for syntax files that were missing, Now we have proper highlighting for Holy-C and Smalltalk

Language development

Assembly Script

Forked one of the JT's language jam projects that was hosted on YouTube, as it seemed to suit my needs for higher level language, but not as high as 'C' and it looked similar to xlang. It's mostly a prototype, but it's a good basis for an upcoming compiler project.